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Jenny Thomas Artistry

Everything I create is based in the realization that the world we live in has already given us firm blueprints to shape, form, color theory, scale and balance. This is not a wheel to reinvent, but to join in with the already existing flow of God’s perfect design and thoughtfulness. I absorb what already exists around us, and translate my interpretations into fused glass sculpture, serving pieces, jewelry and objects of whimsy. I want to incorporate what might be overlooked in our everyday lives and turn the focus back to the wonder we have sometimes missed. It is with us always if we have eyes to see.

I was born and raised in Lake Jackson, Texas which is near the Gulf of Mexico. Many oceans, rivers and wildlife habitats were ingrained in my earliest memories. I am certain now that it’s effected the way I see things. I graduated from the University of Houston with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and secondary focus of Interior Design. After college, I took up Stained Glass as a hobby, but my interest quickly turned out to be the medium I was really looking for. I loved everything about the Decorative Arts, and I still do.

Not long after, a trip to Mississippi yielded me a full time job as color management, glass cutter and residential designer at Pearl River Glass Studio in Jackson, Mississippi. My introduction to fused glass and early skills in production management started here. I was able to use both my painting and interior design skills in each project, and was grateful to grow so rapidly.

I launched my own independent glass studio in 2007, and Jenny Thomas Artistry has seen great development, challenges, and growth. I have received my Fellow status at the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi as a Master Craftsman in Fused Glass. My aim is to create a client based product that has my distinct style, yet always incorporates the balance, symmetry and beauty of the world we call home. I am now based in Richmond, Virginia and have been absorbing new species, landscapes and inspiration. 

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